Our Story

How It All Began

May 2022 marks an auspicious time to open a dream restaurant that belongs to a successful Businesswoman.  She dreamed and long to have her very own restaurant: a family friendly restaurant, a perfect place for friends to reunite, a cozy romantic restaurant for lovers, a tower of sweets and savory bites high tea sets with love ones, and even a terrific choice for business meetings. 


“Le Khwam Luck Café and Restaurant” is the name, the meaning in Thai means “The Love of Luck Café and Restaurant” although mixing with Thai and French languages it is an Italian, home-made restaurant.  Le Khwam Luck Café and Restaurant was created out of love and because of true love, things obtained were coincidentally given out of luck.  She feels so lucky that everything she love was given to her and it is the perfectly a “Le Khwam Luck”. Having her very own young nest, she understands the need of all parents when eating out.  All menu is purely what she and her family like to eat, for instance, her husband likes sour flavor, so L.O.V.E. mocktail is created, a special mix of lime, honey, and soda an indirect gesture of her true feelings to him.  So, make sure to try this and feel “the love”.  Le Khwam Luck Café and Restaurant has so many mouthwatering menu, freshly home-made bakeries, varieties for coffee lovers and some Thai menu to indulge.  Le Khwam Luck Café and Restaurant is located in the prime area of Bangkok City at Sukhumvit 63 inside Ekamai 22 and most importantly with an astonished spacious parking lot for almost 100 cars.

The ambience of the restaurant is surrounded with garden of trees and greeneries.  It feels so serene to look at the waterfall of European fountain and watching the children at the playground.   Her favorite Italian Qeeboo Giraffes in love holding a classic Marie-Therese style chandelier stand making it the distinguish landmark.  During the day, it brightens the restaurant and at night the beautiful twinkling lights of chandelier stands out.  At the entrance of Le Khwam Luck Café and Restaurant, one will be strike at the amazing faces of Lina Cavalieri’s faces on the outstanding Italian Fornasetti plates, the stylist black and white interior decorations, furniture, all the way to utensils use reflect her good taste and her daily lifestyle.  Le Khwam Luck Café and Restaurant is the place to experience food, drinks, and conversation like never before.  You will definitely feel the uniqueness and it is the place for everyone who enjoy eating good food, enjoy beautiful atmosphere and wants to have a great time.  

So, who is she?  Do not try to find out, she prefers to remain anonymous and be happy.  Most importantly, bring your love ones to Le Khwam Luck Café and Restaurant to make yourself happy, find out what it is like to be loved and feel lucky of what you have.  Enjoy today and come back to tell us how much we are being loved too!  Le Khwam Luck Café and Restaurant hopes that all diners will enjoy its one-of-a-kind restaurant and leave a memorable experience one will never forget.